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Popular Water Delivery Companies in Los Angeles

In a world where water bottles have become deemed a waste of money, It’s not difficult to see why people are turning to water delivery at their homes. Although it’s cost-effective and cheaper than purchasing bottled water, these options can cause harm to your health, the planet, and even your wallet. We’ll look at the top 5 Popular Water Delivery Companies in Los Angeles in this piece to help you make an informed choice. The first thing to consider is how much your family needs.

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The final option is to choose the services of one of the five top water delivery companies located in Los Angeles. It’s easy to join several firms located in Los Angeles to get your water delivered directly to your home. You can select from the best brands and pick the most suitable one for your requirements. In addition, you may choose an annual contract with just one firm.

  • A Divine H2O-Water Delivery Service

A Divine H2O Water Delivery Service in Los Angeles is an excellent option for those who want to have their water delivered regularly. You can sign up for the whole year and get three 5-gallon containers every 4 weeks. It is the most affordable alternative available in Los Angeles, but you might want to look at other elements. The primary factor that should guide you to select the best water delivery service in LA is price. The price of water delivery services for Los Angeles depends on your budget; however, generally speaking, it could be in your per month budget.

  • Nestle-Water Delivery Service

If you want higher-high-quality water, find a service to deliver the water to your house. If you are looking for bottle-sealed water for your everyday requirements, think about Nestle. It is among the top water delivery companies that you can find in Los Angeles. There are additional water dispensers, so make the most out of your water bottle. The price of bottled beverages is contingent on what brand you choose.

Based on your requirements, These companies will provide the ideal drinking water for your house. You can choose from two to five-gallon sizes and biweekly or weekly delivery. You can look up the next delivery schedules of one of five water supply companies operating in Los Angeles. There are discounts and special deals on yearly contracts with these firms.

  • PhreshWaters-Water Delivery Service

Target has a large range of premium drinks, which includes freshwater. Culligan has your back if you seek a faster and more convenient method to get everyday doses of clean and filtered water. Customers like their water dispensers and they have wide range deals.

To make life easier for your convenience, enroll in a home delivery service subscription. A majority of these providers offer spring water in plastic containers. Although this is much more popular in the US, increasing numbers of people choose it due to health concerns. These services cost anything between $7 and $9 per month for a 5-gallon bottle. You may also sign up for annual agreements with these companies to receive discounts and special promotions. Based on the kind of water you require it is possible to avail yourself a discount offer from these firms.

  • Alive Water-Water Delivery Services

Alive Water is committed to everything that improves people’s health and well-being. It has depended on the best spring for its water since its beginning in 2013. ALIVE WATER obtains its water from Opal Springs from a time when our earth was still pristine, and it’s been estimated that it matured for 6,000 years before reaching the surface, making it one of the world’s cleanest, purest water sources. If you’re looking for the best-bottled water in Los Angeles, ALIVE WATER must be at the top of your list.

  • Crystal Springs-Water Delivery Service

Crystal Springs supplies distilled water in 5-gallon canisters throughout the eastern United States. Sparkletts has a delivery service that covers the western United States. Smaller brands are responsible for delivering the company’s water to specified sections within the neighborhood. 

Crystal Springs costs between $7.95 and $8.95 for delivery, depending on your location. All distilled water jugs include bottle deposits, and it is assumed that you would return old bottles for disinfection after each use. Because you must purchase at least three 5-gallon bottles and a water cooler when you join, this isn’t a suitable fit for someone looking for a small amount of distilled water.


Alkaline water delivery in Los Angeles is quite popular and the majority of the public prefers this. However, there are more expensive alternatives. Glass bottles have become the newest fashion in the US, but they’re not the same as their glass counterparts. The price for 5-gallon glass bottles will differ based on the company, so you should pick the one that is most likely to fit your needs. If you can pay the price, you may choose one of the more costly alternatives. That’s why the majority of people prefer classic bottles.

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