Acidic and Alkaline Description

A Divine H2O Alkaline Water

Through extensive research and development, A Divine H2O delivers Natural Ionic Calcium Alkaline Water utilizing Nano Technology to Produce a stable pH of 9.5 -10 with Bio Available Minerals.

What makes us Superior?

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A Divine H2O is infused with Nano-Structured Minerals and Positive Intentions to create Higher Vibrational Energetic Clean and Living Water.

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With every purchase you make, 10 % of the proceeds goes back to the Non Profit Divine Homeless Project to help the unhoused community by providing daily essentials.

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We also care deeply about our environment and committed to reducing our carbon footprint by evolving to more eco-friendly packaging in the future.

7 Stage's Of Filtration

The Seven Stages patented filtration system delivers pure ionic calcium alkaline ionized water that is great in taste and hydrates you faster than any other bottled water. We produce the cleanest and highest proper pH to sustain maximum hydration to help assist in balancing your body’s PH.