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Alkaline Water and Athletic Performance: Can It Improve Your Game?

When it comes to performing at our best, hydration is key. We all know that water is the go-to for replacing fluids during and after exercise. But have you heard of alkaline water? It’s thought to have dozens of benefits for your health.
But what can it do for your game? Can it improve it? Let’s find out.

What Is Alkaline Water?

For instance, dehydration can decrease aerobic capacity, cause headaches, increase blood pressure, reduce concentration and speed of reaction, and influence cognitive abilities in sports that require thinking and decision-making.
Some studies indicate that even a minor hypohydrat’s less acidic and more alkaline than regular tap water.
Our bodies have a natural pH balance that needs to be maintained, and some experts believe that consuming too many acidic foods and drinks can disrupt this balance and lead to health problems.
Drinking alkaline water is thought to help counteract the effects of acidic foods and drinks and restore the body’s natural pH balance.

Effects of Dehydration on Athletic Performance

Water is necessary for life and homeostasis, facilitates biochemical reactions, allows particles and compounds to dilute, and helps in the transport of metabolites. Reducing water volume by 2% or more while doing exercise has significant effects on the body.tion of 2% can influence alertness, vigilance, arithmetic ability, perceptual discrimination, visuomotor tracking, and psychomotor skills necessary for participating in sports. [2]

How Alkaline Water Influences Sports Performance

Let’s look at ways alkaline water influences sports performance:

It Increases Postexercise Recovery

High-intensity exercise can disrupt the body’s acid-base balance, leading some to believe that drinking alkaline water could improve athletes’ hydration status ande the buffering capacity of blood and muscle tissues as well as help improve the hydration status of athletes.
The pH level of alkaline water could also help speed up post-exercise recovery by facilitating bio increaschemical reactions and speed up postexercise recovery. Plus, it could neutralize the reactive oxygen species (ROS) produced during exercise, preventing metabolic diseases like diabetes.

It Inhibits ROS Production

Alkaline water also reduces fluid-electrolyte disturbances and increases the rate of lactate utilization following intensive anaerobic exercise.
It also inhibits the production of ROS during high-intensity exercise, allowing for increased resting and a lower level of blood acidosis after exercise.

It Increases Bone Density

Regular consumption of alkaline water has been shown to improve bone density, lower serum C-telopeptide, parathyroid hormone, and blood concentration, and increase urine pH. This lowers water retention, increases resting and exercise acid-base balance, and improves both aerobic and anaerobic performance.
Moreover, alkaline water also prevents diabetes and atherosclerosis by lowering the concentration of glucose and HbA1c, triglycerides, low-density lipoproteins (LDL), and total cholesterol.


Drinking alkaline water may be beneficial for athletes, especially in terms of post-exercise recovery and bone density. It may also inhibit the production of ROS during high-intensity exercise, which can reduce blood acidosis and prevent metabolic diseases like diabetes.
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