15 Days Is All It Takes: Best Detox For Weight Loss & Better Mindset

The term “Detox” became only popular in the millennial generation and the Gen-Z. This only went on to point how toxic our lives have become in the past few decades. From reaching career goals, having a lavish lifestyle with access to convenience and facilities, balancing a healthy social life with family and household chores while having a great skin, fit body and having a balanced diet with ample water consumption. Even writing all of it seems like a lot. On top of all this, the ageist timelines and societal standards provide no aid. It makes sense why our current generation rather is in need of a detox every now and then. With best detox programs being marketed across Los Angeles under top-notch brands, this blog is a take on decoding an appropriate timeline as to how much is enough.


From digital to physical, emotional and spiritual, the recent switch to 24/7 digital culture with unrealistic lifestyle expectations, career goals, body goals, family expectations all while trying to prevent any sign of stress showing up on our skin can be stressful while taking a toll on our health. It is noteworthy to mention here that there is more health than trend in this detox culture.

The quarantine period also pinpointed our unhealthy food choices from the time we log in to our screens till the time we log off.

This is another reason why we could spot atleast one of our friend’s stories on social media doing some kind of workout. Our toxic lifestyle including poor sleep, excessive stress, and overuse of technology has multiple knock-off effects which includes:

  • Lethargy
  • Lack of focus
  • Bad posture
  • Poor memory and overall cognitive skills
  • Health issues

Detox is like a rewind button for your body and mind. Investing in the best full body detox for weight loss is more than just a fad. It acts as a vacation for your mind and body.

Now that we have decoded the purpose and importance of detox in our current lives, coming back to the original question- how much time is necessary to achieve full detox of the body?

If you google for detox programs, you will come across several programs ranging from 2-day programs going upto four weeks or more. If we were to define detox, in layman terms, it refers to the process in which swap your unhealthy habits for better ones for a desirable outcome. The word “outcome” here is crucial. Any change or result takes time to show. It is never an overnight process. It is important to understand that we are trying our body to get rid of its old habits. Whether its junk cravings or alcohol consumption, if your body is habituated to something, it becomes its comfort state. The purpose of detox is to get your body and mind out of that “comfort” state so that it functions to its optimal state in full competence to power your daily activities.

Additionally, its important to remember that any type of change takes time to show. Therefore, too short detox programs might not be that effective. On the other hand, detox programs that last of weeks and months can be dangerous. Since, these programs limit calorie intake and food items, you will be stripping your body of many vital minerals and nutrients required for survival. This may lead to further health complications.

Therefore, 15-day is the ideal time to experience every benefit of a healthy detox without weakening your body’s immunity levels and self-healing power.

Considering the fast-paced dynamic of the world, it is important for us to press the pause and rewind button for ourselves every once in a while so that we can do better. With that being said, if your would like to know more about our freshly launched 15 days cleanse and detox program, feel free to browse our website or drop a line at info@divineh2o.com for any queries. Have a great week ahead!