Sofi Mamo

Owner and CEO of A DIVINE H2O Founder of Divine Project (Homeless Project)

Founded in 2010 by Sofi Amsale Mamo in Los Angeles, A Divine H2O set itself to be a leading Natural Ionic Calcium Alkaline Water provider. A Divine H2O purifies and enhances its water through a 7 stage Process to produce the cleanest and highest proper pH Structured Alkaline Water infused with Positive Intentions to sustain maximum hydration to help assist in balancing the body’s pH.
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Sofi Mamo

My relationship with water started much earlier in life. My mother was a diplomat, and her job entailed taking some students on the ship. One
of the first and most important memories of my life was looking at the endless expanse of the water and being mesmerized by it. I believe that
was what molded my relationship with water that continues to this day. My curiosity about water became the front and center of my life. I
didn’t start with the business model in an instant. Like an enthusiastic child, I wanted to let everyone know about this discovery of mine. I’d
take alkaline water, structure it with a specific vibration, and take it everywhere with me. When people asked, I offered it and told them about
the benefits I’d been reaping. Many people thought I was trying to sell something, but I didn’t start my first store until 2009. My biggest
accomplishment is when people tell me the changes they have observed in their health and lives after regularly consuming our products. And
yes, we have a lot of big names attached to our brand.
Nevertheless, we aim to spread awareness among people from all walks of life. We currently have three stores in L.A. and distribute A Divine
H2O and our other products in West Hollywood and other areas in the city. Moreover, I plan to expand and introduce people to the benefits I
have experienced by creating a documentary about water.

Water delivery in Los Angeles

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