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Do Not Ignore These Serious Acidity Signs

We all have heard about heartburn or acidity. You must have heard about this condition from your friends and family members. One has heartburn if there’s a burning sensation in the stomach that travels up to the throat and makes its presence felt even in the chest area. In most cases, people have acidity when they consume a large meal, especially a meal that is rich in fat. And when you lie down immediately after consuming such a meal, your chances of experiencing acidity goes up even more.

Acidity or heartburn is something people experience occasionally. But, if it starts affecting you every other day and you have become dependent on antacids, then it is time you took this condition more seriously. You may not know this but you could be suffering from gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) if you are experiencing acidity symptoms on a daily basis.

In this blog, we have listed some signs that indicate your acidity condition has turned or turning into a serious problem. Let’s take a look at those signs.

  • Regular Heartburn – It is not normal to experience heartburn more than twice a week. If you feel a burning sensation that travels from stomach all the way up to your throat, especially right after consuming a meal, you are most likely experiencing heartburn. We will advise you not to ignore this symptom as it can lead to even more serious problems.
  • Feeling Nauseous In The Morning – If you are suffering from GERD, you will surely feel nauseous and a sour kind of taste in the mouth. You will feel this because in GERD, the acid in your stomach will move toward the esophagus and the mouth, especially in the morning as there is a long gap between dinner and breakfast throughout the night.
  • Annoying Dry Cough – In addition to feeling heartburn, you will experience dry cough. You won’t be able to explain the cause of this cough, which especially becomes worse during the night. You may experience sore throat and hoarseness as well.
  • Pain In The Chest Area – One of the most clear symptoms of GERD is pain in the abdominal, especially high in the stomach. But, if this pain goes up to your chest, you should seek medical help right away.
  • Foul Breath – GERD is also known for causing bad breath. If you feel even after brushing your teeth twice a day and using mints do not make your bad breath go away, then it is very likely it is GERD that is causing that stinky breath.

If you notice these signs, we will strongly advise you to not ignore them and seek medical assistance right away. We will also recommend you to sign up for our alkaline water delivery in Los Angeles. As our alkaline water has a clean refreshing taste, absolute purity, ultimate hydration, stable pH level 9.5-10, it is perfect for harmonizing an acidic body.

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