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Why You Need Chakra Based Smoothies, crystals and essential oils in Your Life.
Our chakras are the pathways that promote harmony between the body, mind, and spirit. If you practice mindful living, you have probably heard about Chakras. The Sanskrit word, Chakra, translates to “wheel” or “disk”, with reference to a spiritual center within the human body. There are seven chakras, and each chakra connects to specific organs and affects all areas of your life. Every chakra has a huge role to play in your physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual state of being, and if the energy that flows through these chakras is blocked, you will be distressed and unfulfilled. Aligned chakras keep us happy, healthy, and vibrant. This is because the energy freely flows through the open and aligned chakras.
Chakras can be opened and aligned through meditation or yoga, but a constant healthy diet to feed your chakras works wonders. A Divine H2O offers chakra based smoothies that are created from recipes passed down from generation to generation. These smoothies target specific chakras to ground, activate, heal, and beautify the wheels of the body.
Most people are not conversant with chakras and how to tell if their chakras are blocked. Before you grab your A Divine H2O chakra based smoothie, here are a few basics you should know about the seven chakras.
1. Root chakra.
The root chakra is to your body what the foundation in construction is to a house. It is supportive, stabilizing, and sturdy, and it keeps everything connected when it is fully functional. It is located on the pelvic floor, and it is responsible for your feelings of survival and security. This means that the root chakra is connected to whatever you use to ground yourself, i.e. emotional needs, and basic needs. If your root chakra is blocked, you might suffer from anxiety disorders, nightmares, problems with the colon, lower back, and/or feet.
For the root chakra, you need beets, red carrots, tomato, lime, flax seed oil, rosemary, sea salt pomegranate, strawberry, cherries, watermelon, cactus pear, fennel, ginger or lime.

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