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How Drinking Water & Staying Hydrated Can Help to Boost Your Immune System

Most people are aware of the importance of water for optimal health, but few realize that it’s particularly important for supporting and maintaining a healthy immune system. Water is an essential nutrient that acts as a solvent, transport medium, and energy source. It helps to regulate body temperature by taking heat away from our bodies during exercise or hot weather and keeping us warm when it’s cold outside. It also plays a crucial role in helping the digestive tract function properly, which can help keep your gut bacteria healthy.

Let’s look at other ways that staying hydrated with clean, filtered water can benefit your immune system.

1. Support Healthy Digestion
Water is the primary substance required for digestion. This is because it dilutes acids produced by food breaking down and helps to move these substances through the intestines. If you don’t consume enough water throughout the day, this can cause stomach upset or constipation. Alkaline water delivery systems provide superior alkalizing benefits compared to tap water, which means they’re better suited for promoting proper digestion.

2. Keeps Toxins Out
When we drink plenty of purified water, it can flush out toxins that build up in our bodies. This keeps our organs functioning as intended and maintains good health overall. According to one study, drinking eight glasses of water daily may lower blood pressure. That’s because water helps keep our cells hydrated, reduces inflammation, and improves circulation.

3. Acts as a Natural Antibiotic
As mentioned earlier, water is a natural solvent. Water molecules can dissolve many things that may harm or damage our bodies. These include heavy metals, pesticides, and more. By consuming water, we can neutralize these harmful substances before they become dangerous. Moreover, water works as a powerful antibacterial agent. According to research published in the Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology, it can even kill certain strains of E. coli and salmonella.

4. Promotes Healthy Gums
The human mouth contains hundreds of bacteria. While most are harmless, some oral pathogens can lead to tooth decay and other problems. One way to prevent this is by regularly consuming water. The moist environment created by water encourages the growth of beneficial bacteria, which help to protect our teeth. Likewise, drinking plenty of water can reduce dryness and irritation in the mouth. This makes it easier to maintain healthy gums.

5. Helps Protect Against Infections
Keeping your body hydrated supports the production of antibodies and proteins designed to combat infections. When we drink water, it travels to every cell and tissue in our bodies, including those in the lining of our nose, throat, and lungs. This helps filter out unwanted particles and protect us from viruses, fungi, and bacteria.

6. Regulates Body Temperature
Many assume sweating is the only way to cool off on a hot summer day. However, drinking plenty of water can have much greater benefits. For example, it can help to regulate body temperature when exercising outdoors or during high-intensity workouts. It can also help the body to control its core temperature if we become overheated.

7. Enhances Detoxification
Our bodies constantly process foreign substances like toxins, chemicals, and pollution. To remove these substances from our blood and tissues, we must first metabolize them. Drinking plenty of water helps increase the speed at which our bodies can do so. Our immune systems rely on the liver and kidneys to process waste products, but these organs also need a constant water supply.

8. Supports Healthy Blood Pressure Levels
According to the World Health Organization, smoking and high blood pressure are the top two risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Research shows that drinking about eight glasses of water per day can help to reduce both of these risks. That’s because water helps to carry sodium and potassium ions into the cells to balance fluid levels.

Final Words
If you want to improve your health and well-being, then it’s time to start drinking more water. You’ll be amazed at the difference it can make! Now that you know how important it is to stay hydrated, there’s no excuse for not doing so.