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The Best Ways to Incorporate Alkaline Water into Your Daily Routine

Drinking six bottles of alkaline water isn’t the right way to start with this new type of water. Remember: an excess of everything is bad, and while drinking too much alkaline water isn’t going to land you in the hospital, you might still end up hugging the porcelain throne.

So, instead of going full tilt into your new alkaline water regimen, try to ease into your new habit slowly. How can you do that?

Let’s check out five ways you could incorporate alkaline water into your daily routine.

1. Start Your Day with a Glass of Alkaline Water
Water plays numerous roles in your body. For instance, it supports nutrient transportation by helping your blood carry proteins, sugars, and minerals, encourages thermoregulation and body lubrication, and acts as a shock absorber by making sure your cells maintain a specific shape.

However, you lose water when you exercise, go to the washroom, and breathe. And if you don’t replenish your water sources, you might end up dehydrated, which can lead to dizziness, headaches, and other side effects.2
So, to keep your system in balance, always drink a glass of water when waking up. And if you already do that, make that glass alkaline.

2. Add Alkaline Water to Your Smoothies and Juices
If the thought of breakfast makes you want to barf, or you love smoothies and juices with a passion, think about substituting any liquids in your drink with alkaline water. And if you’re worried it’ll give a nasty taste to your heavenly concoction, don’t be.

Alkaline water won’t make your drink taste any different than it usually does, especially if you use water to dilute the banana, strawberry, matcha, and protein powder mix you just made.

You’ll actually cut the acidic flavor of the strawberries you’re using, which is a good thing if they’re too tart.

3. Make Alkaline Water Ice Cubes
Alkaline water has a high negative oxidation-reduction potential that allows it to act as an antioxidant, which can help your body protect itself from free oxidative species and metabolize nutrients.

Plus, it can eliminate toxins from your body by deactivating and flushing out pepsin — the enzyme that causes acid reflux or GERD, reducing oxidative stress, and binding with harmful pollutants present in your body.

So, if you like to drink iced water or ice in your smoothies and juices, you could use alkaline ice cubes instead of regular ones to increase your intake.

4. Use Alkaline Water in Your Tea or Coffee
If you’re a tea or coffee nut, adding alkaline water to your daily pot of tea or coffee will help you meet your three- or four-glass water quota. And if you’re battling with GERD or acid reflux but can’t give up your daily fix, alkaline water is going to do wonders for you.

For instance, coffee has a pH between 4 to 5, so it’s slightly acidic. You can dilute that acid by brewing it with alkaline water. Plus, the water will enhance the flavor of your coffee, making it taste richer and fuller.

5. Carry a Bottle of Alkaline Water with You
If you don’t want to add alkaline water to your cooking routine but want to start drinking it instead of regular water, you could carry it around in a reusable bottle.

For instance, if you’re going to the gym, fill your bottle with alkaline water and go lift some weights. Similarly, if you’re going to work, fill a bottle and take it with you. It’s that easy. But what if you can’t buy so much alkaline water?

You could sign up for a water delivery service by adivineh2o.com. They’ll deliver as much water as you want to your doorstep, so you won’t have to rush to a local Target or Walmart to get a pack of six again.