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10 Beauty Tips for Using Natural Alkaline Water

Beauty Tips for Using Natural Alkaline Water

Upgrade your beauty and skincare routine into one that structures your life for the better. Here we are going to share some incredible beauty tips for using natural alkaline water so read till end. 

Past studies and research prove that drinking alkaline water helps neutralize the effects of a higher acidic pH in one’s body. This acidic pH could develop because of dehydration, or excessive drinking, excessive exercising and a bad diet.

Excessive exercising may come as a shock, but it is true. During anaerobic respiration, the body produces lactic acid, which causes fatigue in the muscles. It may also result in cramps and pain, which alkaline water can minimize.

Needless to say, consuming alkaline and making it a part of your everyday routine is important. That is because it is a great way to maintain body healthy and fight common ailments in addition to the beauty and skin care tips for using natural alkaline water. Let’s discuss one by one.

10 Beauty Tips for Using Natural Alkaline Water

Alkaline water has taken the health and fitness world by storm.  But what about the beauty world? Here are 10 routine beauty tips for using natural alkaline water. 

  • Drink Lemon and Pineapple Infused Water

As surprising as it may sound, lemon-infused water tends to have a pH of around 8. The same goes for Pineapple-infused water. It helps in digestion and lowers the chances of IBS. This prevents bloating and keeps your body taut and slimmer. It is also an excellent source of antioxidants. Because of the perfect pH and lemon’s phytonutrients, it will prevent oxidation. This means it will slow down your ageing process, reducing wrinkles, dullness and fine lines.

  • Spraying It In Your Hair

Alkaline water is a lifesaver for dry and dull hair. This is because it does a better job at hydrating your hair than regular water. Bonus points if you can also afford to wash your hair with alkaline water.

  • Alkaline Water Ice Cubes

Alkaline water helps in glowing skin. Whether you use alkaline water ice cubes in drinks or skincare, it is crucial. Adding these ice cubes to your drinks adds a healthy touch to your occasional vices. It also helps to depuff and sculpt your face every morning or before bed. The basic pH along with the low temperature also increases the absorption of your skincare into your skin.

  • Add Alkaline Water to Overnight Oats

Overnight Oats are a great and healthy breakfast meal. The blueberries most people like to add are rich in antioxidants. Combining that with Alkaline water for the batter makes for a well-balanced meal pH too. Not only would this improve digestion but it helps with nutrient absorption that makes your skin glow.

  • Use Alkaline Water for Coffee, Tea or Matcha

Caffeine drinks are usually acidic. Adding alkaline water to these can help balance out the pH to cause less harm. Among all beauty tips for using natural alkaline water this might sound the silliest, but is just as effective as the others.

  • Make Smoothies using Alkaline Water

The popular green juice is extremely healthy on its own. Adding alkaline water to it only increases its benefits two-fold.

  • Make Oil-Water Suspensions for Your Hair

These low-density, immiscible “serums” are good for massaging the scalp and improving hair help but also for increasing hydration. Alkaline water is better at hydrating your hair and returning its sheen, gloss and strength than regular hair.

  • The Tiktok Foundation-in-water-hack

Everyone has seen the trending “foundation or primer in a glass of water” hack. The reason it’s a good hack is because of the hydration the water coating. Spraying on the water during the foundation blending process would not be as effective. Using alkaline water for this hack blurs the pores and smooths face texture like a high-end primer. It also works for foundation longevity and prevents caking or flaking.

  • Spraying Alkaline Water On Your Face as a Setting Spray

Once everything is nice and blended, lightly spraying your makeup with alkaline water seals the look together. It blurs and evens out unwanted skin texture and keeps your skin feeling light and airy.

  • Apply Alkaline Water Tissue Masks

Why spend hundreds of dollars on tissue masks when you can simply do a better version at home. Dip folded pieces of unscented tissue napkins in water. Gently squeeze out excess, making sure not to crumple the napkin. Place on the eyes, blemished areas or the entire face for 20-30 minutes. It reduces redness and fine lines, and gets rid of inflammation in the blemishes. Doing this everyday can significantly improve your skin.

Skin Care Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water

In addition to these beauty and skincare tips for using alkaline water, here are 5 Detoxifying Benefits of Drinking Natural Alkaline Water

1. Detoxify

Alkaline water detoxifies your body. It removes acidic waste and by-products, such as in the kidneys or in your skin.  This aids in also removing environmental pollutants and other toxins accumulated in your body from your environment. Drinking alkaline water consistently and regularly can neutralize and help with the removal process.

2. Hydrate

Once the toxin removal process is complete, alkaline water hydrates your body. Hydration is required for regulating homeostasis, nutrients and essential chemicals produced in the brain. It helps in the maintenance of optimum health.

3. Oxygenate/Antioxidants

Alkaline water is an antioxidant too. It rids the body of harmful free radicals by neutralizing them. This creates an unideal environment for viruses, bacteria and even malignant tumors to form.

4. Raise Your Body’s pH

Alkaline water plays a crucial role in balancing the body’s pH. This reduces stress, and fatigue and improves your sleep schedule, diet, endocrinal functions and brain chemistry. Thus, in the long run, not only does it better your physical health and fitness but also your mental health.

5. Enhances Your Immune System

Once the body has all it’s regulatory, detoxifying and homeostatic functions stable and in check, the environment proves to be inhospitable for pathogens and other such ailments to thrive in. Eventually, you will stop falling ill, since your body will take care of itself even before you have to.


Alkaline Water is a simple thing to incorporate into your daily routine. On the upside, the benefits are fundamental and very crucial. With most of the benefits regarding health, beauty and anti-ageing, there is no reason to let this habit slide. To find out more and to purchase Alkaline water, contact our alkaline water delivery service in Los Angeles, at ADivineH2O.