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Detoxifying your body opens the door to healing and rejuvenation! Are you looking to turn back the hands of time on aging and degeneration?

We are conscious about cleaning the external body but not the internal body. Detoxifying our body helps us to eliminate toxic waste that accumulates over time. Mucus, parasites and worms exist in many of us robbing us of what ever nutrition we consume. Excess fat, fluid buildup (cellulite), pounds of impacted fecal matter and many other unsightly toxins play a pivotal role in sabotaging our health. Are you ready for a powerful internal shower and tune up?

The common results of completing A Divine H2O’s Full Body Detox are weight loss (10-30 pounds), enhanced energy, mental clarity, more resilient and glowing skin, relief of depression, immune strength, regulation of bowel movements, elimination of cravings (especially sugar, junk food, etc.), enhanced willpower, better circulation and a rise in the libido.



Three straws that come with straw carrier and cleaner, Great for smoothies , coffee etc.


All natural steroid precursor that helps safely and effectively build and maintain mass (especially for vegans). Nourishes and tonifies the sexual glands and encourages the production of sexual hormones Natural steroid for Testosterone production

Bunny Rabbit

Contains natures powerful female-specific and Aphrodisiacal plants such as Shilijit, Maca, Opiopagonis and Ashwagandha Increased Energy, Enhanced libido, Mental Physical stamina Stimulating vaginal lubrication, strengthening and toning the vaginal pc Increased circulation to the brain and genitalia Fortifies fertility

Cardiovascular Cleanser


Formula #2 contains herbs that have been traditionally used to help strenghten, tone, restore, maintain, and nourish the heart and vascular system in addition to enhancing and improving circulation in the body. Formula #2 compound will remove toxins and impurities from the heart, arteries, and veins.

Colon Formula


Formula #6 contains herbs that condition the colon and intestinal tract by mildly stimulating perstaisis, sweeping the walls of the colon, helping to repair the demaged vili (responsible for nutrients being absorbed in the colon), lubricating the colon, and aiding in the formation of the stool.

Divine Greens Cell Food

Cleanses tissues, purifies blood, heightens the pH levels of the body Neutralizes free radicals, nourishes all organs, dissolves mucus and arterial plaque High in vitamins and B vitamins, minerals, amino acids/protein

Jack Rabbit

Contains aphrodisiac plants, Horny Goat Weed, Yohimbe, Stiffcock, Strongback, Muira Puama Enhanced stamina and endurance, increased girth Increased oxygenation to the brain and genitals Enhanced fertility Improved Libido