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Alkaline Water vs. Spring Water: What’s The Difference?

Alkaline Water vs. Spring Water: What's The Difference

It is an undeniable fact that water is an essential part of any organism’s life. From important functions, including being a part of providing nutrients to every cell in the body to carrying all the toxins out, water has a diverse job description.

In other words, survival without water is impossible. And not just any water; water needs to be clean and drinkable for it to benefit the body as it should. Thus, we should put efforts into figuring out which type of water to drink, much like the alkaline vs. spring water debate that always goes on.

Why Is Water Indispensable for Life?

Water is said to make up 60% of the human body. So, we should ensure that 60% is clean and healthy. There are no other ways to consume water other than drinking it. Therefore, it becomes our responsibility to make sure we drink water that is clean and beneficial to our health.

There are several kinds and types of water on the market—some boast of having minerals while others are purified from any germs and bacteria. Indeed, we are doing the bare minimum and drinking clean water, but what if we could go one step further?

And that is what we hope to achieve at ADivineH2O. We are a company solely dedicated to providing clean and healthy water, in the form of alkaline water, throughout the city. As water is a crucial part of everyday life, it is our job to ensure we are drinking a clean version of it.

At ADivineH2O, not only does our water go through several different processes of filtration, treatment, and purification, but due to the abundance of healthy minerals added, the pH of water rises. And thus, our alkaline water is undoubtedly the best water delivery service in Los Angeles.

The spring water vs. the alkaline water debate has divided many an individual. Some promise a better quality of spring water, while the rest boast of the benefits of alkaline water. And since it has been every going-debate, we are yet to reach a conclusion.

However, in our attempts to satiate the alkaline water vs. spring water debate, the following is a concise list of pros regarding both types of water. But before that, let us first understand their differences.

Difference Between Alkaline Water and Spring Water

The core difference between alkaline water and spring water is that alkaline water has a higher pH, and spring water consists of necessary and natural minerals.

Spring Water

Spring water might go through several processes, but the actual source of the water is from mountain springs. These processes are rarely invasive and tend to keep the natural aspects of the spring water intact. Some of the procedures conducted to ensure that spring water is clean to drink are:

-Ultraviolet light

– Ozonation

– Microfiltration

Alkaline Water

On the other hand, alkaline water is a type of water with a raised pH. On a scale of 0 to 14, pH determines the acidity, alkalinity, and neutrality of any solution. And alkaline water, with a slightly high pH, lies somewhere between 8 to 9 on the pH scale. Also, research shows that there are several benefits of alkaline water.

However, there question often arises, is alkaline water better than spring water? And following are some facts that we hope answer your questions.

Alkaline Water Vs. Spring Water

Spring water is excessively rich in several minerals. These minerals include Calcium, Potassium, Sodium, and Magnesium. These minerals work in various different ways to benefit the body. For example, potassium helps strengthen the ligaments between bones, and calcium improves bone health.

Alkaline Water

Several longitudinal studies ended, proving the various benefits of consuming alkaline water. Not only does alkaline water help with battling acid reflux due to its alkaline nature, but it also has several more health benefits.

A study that took place in Shanghai proved that consumption of alkaline water leads to organs with better health. This automatically leads to longevity. In simpler words, alkaline water can help you live longer.

Alkaline water is also known to be more hydrating than regular water. This is because the higher pH of the water allows it to carry extra oxygen. Thus, leading to more oxygenated blood. This means that all of your cells are receiving ample oxygen and nutrients, which is why alkaline water is also known to reduce signs of aging.

In addition to that, alkaline water has positive effects on people with high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol. In a six-month study carried out on various individuals drinking exclusively alkaline water, the results were illuminating. After the said, six months, the blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol levels of all the individuals had exponentially reduced.

So, if you are still asking, should you drink alkaline water? Well, you need only look at the facts and data.

In Conclusion

The ever-raging alkaline water vs. spring water debate thoroughly works to confuse many. Although both these kinds of water are very beneficial, it all depends on your needs and requirements out of the water.

At ADivineH2O, we have spent decades proving high-quality alkaline water throughout the city of Los Angeles. And a business like ours can only run smoothly if the customers are satisfied with our products.

This goes to show how alkaline water, throughout the past ten years, has made a monumental impact, especially on the health-conscious ones. Since this water has extra hydration properties, it is best for active people who go to the gym or perform cardio on a daily basis.

This is why we at ADivineH2O leave no stone unturned in our endeavors to supply quality alkaline water. With our various subscription offers, we work to accommodate your needs, whether for your office or home. Be it daily, weekly or monthly subscriptions, we will ensure punctuality.

Contact us at 310-289-7800 to place your alkaline water order, and avail yourself of the countless health benefits it has to offer.

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